9GAG is an online platform and social media website. Users upload and share user-generated content or other content from external social media websites.

 Supported URLs


i.e: 9gag.com/tv/p/9py65/pop-danthology-2013


i.e: 9gag.com/tv/p/9py65


i.e: 9gag.tv/p/9py65/pop-danthology-2013


i.e: 9gag.tv/p/9py65

 How To Download From 9GAG

  1. Find the page of the video you want to save
  2. Paste that page's link into the form at the top of this page
  3. When downloaded successfully select your prefered file format from the list
  4. Depending on your browser the file will start to download or will open in a new browser window
  5. If file is opened in new browser window simply right-click on the video and select "Download as.."
  6. If you want to use media player, like VLC, simply right-click and "Copy Link" of the file format you want