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Spongebob Edited - Pressure

I'd hate to see any of my friends wiped out over a dumb dare!

-New Clips-
*Intro music: "Ready, Set, Sue" by Levin Minnemann Rudess
*"yourself with a leather belts around your throat": Metalocalypse, episode "Rehabklok"
*"while I masturbate": "Look Into My Eyes (While I Masturbate)" by Bart Baker
*"I tried that once": Beavis and Butt-Head, episode "Held Back" (3rd music video segment)
*"and it": Space Ghost Coast to Coast, episode "Fire Ant"
*"made me die": Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared 6
*"you fuckin' suck at": 24thPowerProductions' "Sailor Mouth" dub
*"No!": Metalocalypse, episode "Dethhealth"
*"you're just a fuckin' idiot": Superfuckers, episode "Sweet Mystery"
*"me neither, bro": Superfuckers, episode "Sweet Mystery"
*"me" (0:59, in background): "The Glass Prison" by Dream Theater
*"fuck yeah I": Metalocalypse, episode "Rehabklok"
*"you stupid bitch": Superfuckers, episode "The Greatest Story Ever Told"
*"mothafucka" (1:35): Metalocalypse, episode "Dethsiduals"
*scream (1:38): "Staple Tape Worms On My Penis" by Passenger of Shit
*"fuck yeah, baby!": Superfuckers, episode "Big Ambition"
*"three different types of AIDS": Cream (David Firth)
*"fag" (2:17): Superfuckers, episode "Scrimple's Delight"
*"professional": Metalocalypse, episode "Dethtroll"
*"the best [...] in the fucking whole world": 24thPowerProductions' "Sailor Mouth" dub
*"fanny-port": Terrorphone
*evil laughing (2:44): "Three Days" by Dream Theater
*"that was some bullshit": The Boondocks, episode "The Color Ruckus"
*"That's right there, tits": Atomic Bomberman outtakes
*"weenie": "Stick It Out" by Frank Zappa
*"cat-piss-smelling fuck-head": Deadwood swears
*"pre-op tranny": Metalocalypse, episode "Fertilityklok"
*"Whoa!": 24thPowerProductions' "Greasy Buffoons" dub
*"you just fucked up real bad": Metalocalypse, episode "Dethcamp"
*"fuck you!" (3:28): DumbLand, episode "The Neighbor"
*"holy shit" (3:30): Metalocalypse, episode "Dethhealth"
*"Wait, what?": Foamy Fan Mail (2012)
*"gay niggers": Gayniggers From Outer Space
*"pussy" (3:44): "My Neck, My Back" by Richard Cheese
*"molest": Bino the Elephant (Filmcow)
*laughter (4:13): Superfuckers, episode "Big Ambition"
*weird "uhh" noise: "Dance of the Aristocrats" by The Aristocrats
*"whore" (4:27): Pimp Pun Disaster (WKUK)
*"eat a bag of dicks": Archer, episode "Heart of Archness: Part III"
*"ohhh, my ass": Atomic Bomberman outtakes
*"pooping": Bino the Elephant (Filmcow)
*"No!": Toki in Charge of Snacks (Metalocalypse)
*"gay": "If You Were Gay" (Avenue Q)
*"shit" (5:14): 24thPowerProductions' "Your Shoe's Untied" dub
*"prostitutes": 24thPowerProductions' "Sailor Mouth" dub
*distorted laughter: 24thPowerProductions' "Sailor Mouth" dub
*"don't make me": Drawn Together, episode "Captain Hero's Marriage Pact"
*"stab you in the ass": "The Chicken Cow" by Wesley Willis
*"I hate you all, I really do": Metalocalypse, episode "Rehabklok"
*"Ha ha ha, you're so dumb! Ha ha ha!": 20X6 vs. 1936 (Homestar Runner)
*growl: "Morte Lumina" (Doomstar Requiem soundtrack)
*"screw all you": Drawn Together, episode "Breakfast Food Killer"
*"dick-jerking faggot": Superfuckers, episode "Hero's Destiny"
*"boner": The Boner Song (WKUK)
*"daammmn!": The Great White Hype
*"holy shit" (5:48): Metalocalypse, episode "Rehabklok"
*"bleed": "She's On the Rag" by Steel Panther
*"Those are the biggest nipples I've ever seen!": Spongebob in the Hood
*"c'mon, bitch!": Atomic Bomberman outtakes
*"bust that pussy open": "Bust it Open" by Lil' Wil
*"haaaard": Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
*"eep!": Superfuckers, episode "Scrimple's Delight"
*"I'm fucking horny": "I Want Your Tits" by Steel Panther
*"shut up!": "Motormouth" by Periphery
*"cocksucking faggot": Slap Shot
*"goddamn nigger lover": The Sting
*"What?" (6:55): The Hateful Eight
*"circle jerk": Veep, episode "B/ill"
*"bigger, blacker [b]ox": Cards Against Humanity Bigger Blacker Box promo
*"in a crack den": NPCarlsson's 2-year Anniversary Celebration Video
*"Blockbuster video": "The Chicken Cow" by Wesley Willis
*"tampons" (7:23): Workaholics, episode "Real Time"
*"you whore": Ferrets (Filmcow)
*"shiiiiit": Fritz the Cat
*"ugly son of a bitch": "Stick it Out" by Frank Zappa
*"the priest of the": "2112" by Rush
*"fuck" (8:13): "The Price is Wrong" by Periphery (isolated vocals)
*"you can't put your finger there!": "You Can be as Loud the Hell You Want" (Avenue Q)
*"can I go home now?": Ransom, episode "The Artist"
*"goddamn": Superfuckers, episode "Scrimple's Delight"
*"minute": "Dancin' Fool" by Frank Zappa
*"no fuckin' way, dude": Metalocalypse/Brutal Legend crossover promo
*"uncle": A Christmas Carol (2009)
*"let's fucking do this!": Drawn Together, episode "The One Wherein There Is A Big Twist"
*musical sting: "Descent of the NOMACs" by Dream Theater
*"well, what do you know": Jimmy Neutron
*"my ass": Superfuckers, episode "Scrimple's Delight"
*"crack" (9:15): Superfuckers, episode "The Greatest Story Ever Told"
*"house": Spongebob's House vs. Squidward's House (AlienMyth64)
*"AIDS" (9:19): The Cloak (filmcow)
*"awww, who the fuck peed on me?": Metalocalypse, episode "Bookklok"
*"oh yeah" (9:28): "Movin' Very Slowly" by Taranchula
*"good luck, you're on your own": "The Doomed" by A Perfect Circle
*"gay": "Death to All but Metal" by Steel Panther
*"deep fried": Will it Deep Fry? (GMM)
*"the fuck y'all looking at?": The Boondocks, episode "Garden Party"
*"dungeon": "Scenario" by A Tribe Called Quest
*"twenty condoms worth of cocaine": Metalocalypse, episode "Dethzazz"
*"HNIC": Keanu
*"does anyone know where a guy can get some chips and salsa in this dump?": KND, episode "Operation: M.A.U.R.I.C.E."
*"shit" (10:32): Toki in Charge of Snacks
*brawl music: "Arithmophobia" by Animals As Leaders
*"Help me!": The Fly (1958)
*"killing": Atomic Bomberman outtakes
*"head": "Death to All but Metal" by Steel Panther
*"I'ma fuckin' fight you fucks": Superfuckers, episode "Scrimple's Delight"

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